To read or not to read ?

From the very young age most of us are advised to read books which will help us to gain knowledge , to learn new things , to experience new thing , to see things which exist which we have no idea about and much more stuff. The case was no different with me because my father , my aunt and some of my close friends used to read a lot and they always insisted me to read. But the problem with me was books and reading never fancied me and the breeze of digital media took me away from the idea of reading books in no time. But sometimes i used to have thoughts about giving books a chance and see if i start to develop some interest , but i never took any action on my thoughts and i got busy living . In my whole life until now i had read only one book named BOOKS BELTS BERETS which was on NDA cadets , but apart from that i had read nothing. As we all know that because of COVID-19 we had to be quarantined so i said to myself that that at least i will give it a try. And as i told you that i used to think about reading the books so i also had ordered few books online but as always i had chucked them. So 2 months have passed and i am yet to touch any of the books which i have. But day before yesterday i don’t know what happend i just caught myself reading a book . Along with me even my parents were amused about me reading a book. Yesterday i completed reading the book THE RICHEST MAN OF BABYLON which tries to impart the financial knowledge. The book is all about the financial advises that the richest man in the BABYLON gave to the people of BABYLON on how to manage their money, how to use their money to make more money and how to invest it wisely. I found the book very relatable even though when the book was written decades ago. In brief if i want to highlight some things which i learned from the book would be :

  1. Keep the 1/10 th of your income to yourself.
  2. Use your money to make more money.
  3. Invest if you have the thorough knowledge.
  4. Live upon less than you can earn.

Apart from the book what i learned about myself is that the things which are at back of your mind are actually worth trying . I hope slowly and steadily i keep reading books and make it a habit as i have already started with another book.

And yes i know that today’s digital generation wont find reading books interesting because i know videos and sound content amuse us much more but trust me its worth giving a try.


Hello everyone my name is Darshan and this is going to be my very first blog . I always thought about blogging but never gave it a shot , but eventually quarantine made me to do it . So in brief i will tell you about myself , to start with i was born in a Marathi family located in the heart of Pune city . Growing up i used to play lot of sports and used to do lot of stupid , idiotic and unreasonable things which we can expect from kids , but to be very honest me and my friends used to raise the bar of stupidity every time. As the time passed i started to develop many hobbies but most of these hobbies turned out to be outdoor activities & after 10th i made the mistake of opting for Science stream which most of us do. So at the present moment i am a person who loves to hangout with friends , go on vacations , have parties & yes binge watching is also one my things. Apart from all these to keep myself physically fit i love to go on treks & swimming is the go to activity for me when i am alone and have nothing to do . For now that would be it and i hope my blogs keep finding you. Thank you !!!